Thursday, 1 September 2011

Northern Divine Caviar

Northern Divine caviar – The Canadian Caviar that is 100% sustainable and Ocean Wise.

Northern Divine is the only producer of Fraser River White Sturgeon Caviar, and it’s not only what they’re offering, but what they’re practicing that is revolutionary.

The fish are raised in the remote mountains of the Sunshine Coast. It is in this pristine and un-polluted environment where the fish thrive. Northern Divine is the only company in North American who raise Sturgeon in Natural Spring Water. They are also one of the only companies to implement a 99.9% water recirculation system & a waste recovery program, meaning that the farm is operating at the highest level of sustainability for the environment. While other fish farms are destroying eco-systems, Northern Divine truly offer a sustainable approach, their practices don’t deplete wild populations, pollute local waters or harm sensitive habitats.

The caviar produced is distinctly different to anything else on the market. The flavor is remarkably smooth with excellent egg integrity.

Northern Divine Caviar is very delicate in flavor, this delicacy is achieved by the highly controlled environment, and fresh clean un-polluted water the fish live in. Northern Divine is in the process of becoming “Organic”, this means the caviar is 100% free of Borax. The only two ingredients in this Caviar is salt and fish eggs, with a LOW-SALT cure.  As a result the flavor is natural and refined with a fresh and clean finish on the palate.

Feel free to check out this video to take a tour of the farm and learn about what this amazing company has been doing for the last 13 years.

This year is the first year that these fish have produced Caviar & the supply is EXTREMELY LIMITED. Mikuni Wild Harvest is the EXCLUSIVE distributor for this premium brand of Caviar that is sure to re-define the level of quality & market conscientiousness in the world of Haute Cuisine.


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